Blocked sinks cleared by Perth’s most reliable emergency plumber

We all know that a blocked sink can happen at the worst time – when the guests are just about to arrive, or when you need to wash your coffee cup in the office kitchen!

Luckily Plumbdog’s fully qualified emergency plumbers have the most advanced equipment and expertise to clear blocked sinks and blocked basins, and we guarantee to always arrive on time. We service the entire Perth metro and will take your call.

Genuine emergency blocked sink repairs

If the water in your sink is taking longer than usual to drain away, then you most likely have material clogging the waste pipe. This is also often accompanied by an unpleasant odour. Our fully qualified and experienced emergency plumbers can clear any type of clogged sink in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry, and can evaluate the condition of your sink’s S-bend and waste pipe.

If the blockage is in your underground sewer pipe, call our emergency drain clearing service. We offer a rapid response by our fully qualified drain plumbers. All of our plumbers drive fully stocked vehicles and carry the tools and equipment needed to clear almost any type of blockage.

Your clogged sink unblocked fast and on time

Our fully qualified plumbers are available to take your call across the Perth metro. See our standard rates. We carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all our service vehicles for easy, on-the-spot payment.

Expert blocked sink clearing and waste pipe cleaning

We make every effort to unblock your sink as thoroughly as possible using the latest equipment, but if other waste outlets in the house or office are blocked or sluggish, you may have one of the following issues:

Clogging material – You should never dispose of solid food, soap pieces or other hard materials down your sinks. Much of this material will be caught in the trap or S-bend under the sink, but some will find its way to shared waste pipes, blocking flow from toilets, showers, and other drainage points. That’s why it is always good practice to use a removable sink strainer, which can catch larger lumps of waste before they enter the drain.

Tree roots – Roots commonly enter underground drains and, depending on tree species, can re-grow into a broken pipe or pipe joint within 3 to 6 months. We can cut through them using our high-pressure water jetters which we carry on all of our service vehicles and then flush out the pipe.

Broken pipe – Broken edges in a drain pipe break can catch waste material from your sink, resulting in repeated blockage until the drain is repaired. In these cases we recommend our drain repair and/or replacement or trenchless pipe repair services. We can also arrange to carry out a drain camera inspection using our CCTV cameras.

Call Sajaya now for prompt and reliable emergency blocked sink clearing

If your sink is clogged, a temporary fix isn’t likely to solve the problem for more than a day or two. Save yourself the inconvenience by calling Plumbdog, who will arrive quickly and promptly with all the right tools for the job.

Our fully qualified plumbers have the drain clearing technology and expertise to clear all types of blocked sinks, and best of all, we guarantee to always arrive on time. Just give us a whistle!

How to temporarily unblock a sink

If your blocked sink is causing major inconvenience and must be cleared right away, there are a couple of things you can try to clear it temporarily before the plumber arrives:

Cleaning chemicals: Baking soda and caustic soda work by reacting with food and other substances and dissolving them. They must be used with care as they can burn the skin and lungs, and are usually not very effective against harder material such as food scraps.

Plunger: The rubber suction cup on a plunger creates a high-pressure burst of air which is sometimes effective in moving clogging material along the pipe, making it easier to flush away. Place the plunger over the sink drain hole and pump 3 – 6 times. This method usually only works for minor blockages such as tea leaves or light food matter.

Remember that following these steps will make it appear that the problem has been fixed permanently, but in most cases, it will re-occur the next day.



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