Blocked shower drains cleared quickly and effectively by Sajaya favourite drain cleaning experts

A blocked shower drain can cause messy indoor flooding, and nobody likes to stand in drain water! Sajaya emergency drain plumbers are on call 365 days a year across the whole Perth metro, and have the equipment and experience to attend to clogged shower drains fast.

Whether it’s day, night or a public holiday, if you have a flooding or slow-moving shower drain call us now on 1300 884 146. Whistle and we will come!

Prompt professional shower drain cleaning

Do-it-yourself drain cleaning products don’t usually work well for clogged or slow shower drains as they aren’t very effective against the most common causes of blockage, such as hair and soap, and are a temporary fix at best. Sometimes they can even make the blockage worse!

Sajaya fully qualified plumbers have the experience and equipment required for a fast, accurate assessment of the state of your drains, and can clear almost any type of shower drain blockage effectively and at a competitive price.

We usually clear a blocked shower drain using our high-pressure water jetters which we carry on all our service vehicles. We often recommend MoFlo, a powerful commercial drain cleaner which contains a high concentration of sulphuric acid.

Drain repairs and tree root removal

We can also assess the state of your sewer pipes, and give you a quote for drain repairs or replacement if required. Tree roots are a common cause of drain blockages, and in such instances, we recommend you have your drains cleared professionally at least once every 6 months. Please be aware that clearing roots is much like cutting hair – they will always grow back!

Contact Sajay for expert blocked shower drain clearing

Sajaya can clear your blocked shower drain fast without making a mess so you can get back to enjoying hot showers in no time. You should never have to settle for the inconvenience of an overflowing shower – give us a whistle instead!

DIY shower drain cleaning tips

In some cases, a clogged shower drain can be remedied temporarily by the homeowner. A few tips:

Minor blockages can sometimes be cleared by removing the drain grill and digging clogging material out with a clothes hook. In our experience, a flooding shower recess is usually the result of larger, harder to reach blockages.

Use drain cleaners with care. As well as being corrosive and a hazard to pets, the last thing you want is undissolved caustic soda flowing back up out of the drain while you are taking a shower!

Do not use a vacuum cleaner. This can create back-pressure from the drain, potentially damaging the machine and risking injury to the user.



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