Hot Water Tempering Valves Installation & Replacement

Hot water tempering valves are compulsory in WA for all new homes and renovations, and when increasing hot water system capacity or changing fuel type from electric to gas or vice-versa. Whether your hot water unit is residential or commercial, Sajaya fully qualified and experienced hot water plumbers are licensed to install and replace all makes and models of tempering valve in Western Australia. Whistle and we will come!

What are hot water tempering valves used for?

Tempering valves mix hot with cold water to provide a maximum safe temperature at the hot water tap or shower outlet of no higher than 50 degrees Celsius, and as low as 42 degrees in a child day care centre. The regulated water is normally piped to areas where hot water accidents are most likely to occur, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

If you are experiencing lukewarm water and/or low water pressure, there is a good chance you have a faulty tempering valve, which will need replacing as they are not a serviceable item.

Should I still have a tempering valve installed even if it’s not required by WA law?

Even if you are happy with your existing hot water system, getting a tempering valve installed is always a good idea, as high temperature hot water can cause third-degree burns within seconds of skin contact, especially on children. They are cost-effective and easy to install in most residences and businesses, and are a good insurance policy against hot water-related burn injury.

Call Sajaya for fast, no-hassle tempering valve replacement and installation

Whether you’re a home or a business, and looking to replace your hot water unit or install a new system, Sajaya fully qualified hot water plumbers are on call across the Perth Metro and experienced in the installation of tempering valves for all makes and sizes of hot water system.

Don’t risk getting burned by faulty work (or the law!) If you need tempering valves installed or replaced, contact Sajaya now.

Tempering valves available

We can install and replace the following types of hot water tempering valve:

Blue cap tempering valve – This is one of the most common types of valves and is used in conjunction with electric water heaters.

Green cap tempering valve – This high performance valve is suitable for most types of gas hot water systems, including gas storage and instantaneous / continuous flow models.

Orange cap tempering valve – This ultra-high performing valve is for use with solar hot water and heat pump hot water systems.

Black cap tempering valve – Suitable for large capacity systems and low pressure gravity feed systems.



Hot Water Tempering Valves Installation & Replacement Hot



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Hot Water Tempering Valves Installation & Replacement Hot



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