Fast and professional waste pipe cleaning in Sajaya

A backed up or dirty waste pipe can be a major inconvenience as well as unpleasant, especially during the warmer months! Plumbdog’s fully qualified emergency plumbers have both the experience and expertise to accurately assess your waste pipe issues and can provide the right experts fast to professionally clean all types of waste pipes, both residential and commercial.

On-time waste pipe cleaning and expert advice

If your laundry, kitchen or bathroom waste pipes are backing up or giving off an unpleasant odour, or the water level in your toilet is taking a long time to return to normal, your waste pipes may be in urgent need of cleaning. Plumbdog can provide quick and reliable waste pipe cleaning services. Shower blocked? Call us right away.

Our emergency plumbers can provide guaranteed time of arrival within the agreed time frame, with all the tools required to clean most types of waste pipes promptly, efficiently and with minimal impact on surrounding areas. We can also assess the state of your waste pipes and if required, advise and provide a quote on pipe repair/replacement work.

See below for more information on our waste pipe cleaning and maintenance methods.

Your waste pipes cleaned fast and on time with all the right tools

Plumbdog’s fully qualified emergency plumbers are available across the Perth metro from Joondalup to Rockingham and guarantee to arrive promptly with our service vans filled to the roof with stock.

We normally clear blocked underground sewer pipes using a high pressure water jetter, which can cut through solid obstructions such as tree roots. If roots are entering your waste pipes we recommend having them cleared every 6 months to prevent further damage (and to avoid embarrassment at your next party!) We also sometimes employ a smaller hose for waste pipe clearing, called a whip hose.

Once we have cleared your waste pipes, we quite often recommend flushing them through with drain acid which dissolves any remaining hair and ‘gunk’. This acid, called MO-FLO, is only available to licensed plumbers due to its very high 1800g/L sulphuric acid content!

If your waste pipes have faulty sections we can inspect them using our CCTV camera which can locate the problem using video technology. We can then book another visit for you to repair or replace the faulty waste pipe.

See our standard and emergency rates and our service guarantee. We carry Cash, Credit Card & Eftpos facilities in all our service vehicles for easy, on-the-spot payment.

See how we work during a standard service call.

Contact Sajaya now for prompt professional waste pipe cleaning

If you’re experiencing slow, smelly or blocked waste pipes, we recommend calling a plumber as soon as possible. Plumbdog have both the tools and expertise to clean and repair all types of waste pipes and sewer lines, and our fully qualified plumbers guarantee to arrive on time always, with the right tools for the job.

DIY waste pipe cleaning

Do-it-yourself waste pipe cleaning chemicals such as caustic soda and baking soda can be effective as a temporary fix, but we recommend they be used with caution for a few reasons:

Damage to pipes and surfaces: Chemical drain cleaners produce heat when reacting with clogging material, breaking it down. If not used carefully, they can splash and corrode surrounding surfaces such as metal faucets, and soften plastic pipes.

Fumes: Chemical drain cleaners tend to produce toxic fumes and should only be used where it is well ventilated. They should also never be combined with bleach.

Hazard to pets: Dogs and other pets that drink from puddles are at high risk and the area should always be cleaned thoroughly after the job is done, with pets kept away from the area for at least a few days.



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